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Payment Methods


iDeal is the most common and fastest method for the Netherlands to make a payment. It is also a very safe method and pay in the familiar surroundings of your own bank (that is protected by your own bank).

We can immediately confirm whether your order is paid, that makes a difference in the delivery!

iDeal is supported by the following banks:

- SNS Bank

- Friesland Bank

- ING Bank

- Rabobank

- ABN Amro

- Knab

- Triodos Bank

- Regioank

- ASN Bank

- Van Lanschot

Visa Card of Mastercard

With us you can pay with you credit card. This is done via an SSL secure server that encrypts your credit card information sent.

Using your credit card you can pay instantly and securely. VISA and MasterCard are the most used credit cards for online payments in the Netherlands. On the Internet you will be safe thanks to its internet and delivery guarantee. The amount is recorded on your next billing statement. With this guarantee, you are protected against fraud and abuse on the Internet.

How do you pay with your credit card?

  • Choose VISA or MasterCard as a payment method.
  • Type your name, credit card number, expiration date and verification number.
  • Check the details and make the payment.

You pay with the information found on your credit card:

  • The credit card number, can be found in the middle of the front of your card.
  • The expiry date (month and year of expiration are on the front).
  • Verification Number (also called CVV, CVV2, CardID, etc.). For VISA or MasterCard are this the last three digits of the number on the back, top of the strip.
  • Increasingly is an extra PIN also necessary (Verified by VISA or MasterCard Secure Code). This should be declared by yourself. You will receive notice from your credit card provider. This is payable on the Internet more secure, because this code is strictly personal, similar to the PIN of your bank card.


Maestro is a secure online payment for Belgium and Germany. This payment method is similar to iDEAL in the Netherlands. During your purchase on the Internet will be directed to a secure page of your bank when using Maestro initially. The Maestro acceptance is only related with the authentication process of the MasterCard SecureCode possible. You are here identified with the help of your password or PIN, so the payment can take place. Fraud is hereby excluded, and you are sure of a secure payment.

How do you pay with Maestro?

  • Select Maestro as a payment method.
  • Type, card number, expiration date and verification code.
  • You will be taken to a secure page on your couch, using your card reader or Digipass to accept the payment.
  • Check the details and make the payment.


MiniTix the new virtual wallet that you can perform. Up to 150 euros over the internet or mobile phone payments.

With MiniTix you pay quickly and securely all your purchases. With your mobile phone, you always have your wallet MiniTix at hand. MiniTix is for everyone, no matter where you bank, your provider or your type of mobile phone.

MiniTix offers a payment solution that is specially designed to be able to pay. Within an app Payment with MiniTix is simple, quickly and safely. You can confirm payment with a code that you received by SMS. Whether you authorize the app directly without entering an SMS confirmation. Payments from your wallet out MiniTix.

Using MiniTix is free. The only costs are the costs incurred MiniTix your phone provider charges.